April 5, 2012

Looking for more family in the 1940 Census

In Gary, Indiana, there should be a large number of my family. The following were listed in the 1941 Gary, IN city directory:

Caulk F. L. (Gertrude) h723 Connecticut
Baker Clarence L (Hazel M) janitor City Bd Park Comnrs r Clark Station
In the 1930 census, the Bakers were living at 445 Maryland St, which looks like it is at Maryland/5th Ave (US 20/12)

Let's start with the Caulks.

743 Connecticut Ave. is bounded by 7th and 8th Ave. This puts us with ED In the 1940 census, this area is with ED95-10 and ED95-9. Let's go

On page 10 of ED95-10 is 744 and 742 Connecticut St.
On page 17 of the same ED, 749, 745, 741 Connecticut St.

Hm. OK.

@749 are the Reynolds (Frank)-they are living here in 1941, too. and in the 1940 census
745 are the Grogats (Vade or Vacle Angeline)
741 are the Beres, Dan and Victoria are listed at 741 Ct. in the 1941 Directory. They are listed in the census, too.

Were the Caulks just not home? Is that why there were houses missing?
Were they not living there in 1940?

Note: Edward Moore is living on page 27.

What about the Bakers?
They're living in Clark Station. Previous chats with people who grew up in Clark Station say it is by the airport. Most of the houses are missing today. This area is at N. Clark Ave. and Birch St.

OK. So let's look at the maps for the districts. ED-27 and/or ED-26. Let's start with 27, as this is where the airport is at.

Ahha! Listed as Clark Station, Gary, Lake, Indiana. As expected.

1940 US Census, Enumeration District 95-27, page 61A

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