April 4, 2012

Looking for the Estepps

The 1940 Census is the first in which Ernest Estepp should be marked in a census. In 1930, his parents, George and Nettie Estepp, were living on Trace Road, Logan, Logan County, West Virginia, ED 23-16. Using the ED conversion, this puts us in:

Ed23-20: Nothing. A few Runyons, Blankenships, Marcums
ED23-21: Nothing
ED23-31:OMG. More workmans! More Maynards! No Estepps

Given where the area was that they ended up, let's look around there. This is in Mingo County, Trace Creek, Right Fork/Left Fork area by the Estepp cemetery. Here is the area in real life:


So, lets look at those areas, 30-10 and 30-5.

Nothing. A couple of Estepps and Stepps family.

Let's move out from those two:
30-8: Stepp, Cora Estepp (pg 29) S. many. Marcums
30-6:Homer Estepp with wife Juanita, Stuart Estepp

OK, let's go 5-10
30-7:Emma and Raymond Estepp, pg 7Not mine
30-9:Wilbur Estep with Edna (pg 11)

Now let's just go:
30-4: John Estepp with wife Mary and kids Wanda, Robert, Calvin, betty
30-12: Nothing
30-13: robert Estepp with Dorothy, Betty, Glen, Lear. Wheeler Estepp with Ruby Doris Marie

Back tomorrow.

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