February 28, 2007

Did Jane Huffman Shreve have a child?

In Flemming Cemetery, there is a grave for Eunice Shreve. The headstone is below. Unfortunately, it's broken. However, the Porter Township Cemetery book has the inscription of daughter of Jane. Is this the daughter of my Jane Shreve??


Jane was married to Thomas at least by 1860 (census records)

Either way, here is Jane's headstone in Merriman Cemetery. How said if she wasn't buried next to her baby. But who knows?

Meeting with Mr. Morales

Talked to Mr. Morales. Examined the original plat map of Merriman Cemetery, which is known as Boone Grove Cemetery at the time of death of Louise Huffman Morgan Moore (1905).

There are names on the map which are not associated with the headstone readings, perhaps indicating that the headstones were removed/damage, etc. Additionally, a ball point pen (perhaps) was used to write over names that were written. Examining the document further, in between the plots of Oliver Huffman and Austin Morgan, there appears to be Huffman and Morgan written, extremely faded. Those are scribbled out and written (ball point pen) vacant. The whole document was faded. I hypothesize that the map was correlated with the headstones and when no headstones were found, the person with the ball point pen assumed that there was a mistake. I don't know. But, in the same row as the Huffmans and Morgans, there are names on the original map, at the end by the fence, but no headstones and no indication of them on the NWIGS cemetery reading book. I've annotated several pictures below.

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As for the Lee/Jones/Boone Grove cemetery, it's location is in the current present location of Boone Grove. The latest headstone read 1850, I believe. Boone Grove was moved from the the previous location (up by Merriman) to the current location because of a train line. The original plat maps of the county show that the land was in the Lee/Jones name. If the town was moved ~1880, then it might make sense that it became associated with the Boone Grove name. Because Merriman was close to Boone Grove (old location) when it was still being used, it was called BGC. When it was revived, then it got the name Merriman b/c of it's history of being land owned by Silas Merriman and then donated for the cemetery.

I firmly believe that Louise Morgan Moore is buried in between her first husband and her brother. Her sister, Jane E. Huffman Shreve, is buried immediately behind Austin. Additionally, I believe her mother, Mary Kirkhoff/Carcuf Huffman to be the Huffman name indicated on the plat map that was indicated as vacant and she is buried there too. It only makes sense, esp. that Louise was going by her first marriage name of Morgan, esp. since she was married to Moore at the time (unless he died).

I need money to dig the graves up. I believe that there may even be three bodies there: Louise Huffman Morgan Moore, Mary Kirkhoff/Carcuf Huffman and perhaps Mary's other daughter, Roxanna Huffman, though I have no proof of this.

February 20, 2007

From Mr. Morales

I will make you copies of all that I have on what you have requested. I hope It will help you. The hours are correct.