August 24, 2016

Where is William Huffman buried?

William Huffman, the father of Oliver, Louisa, Mary and Rosanna Huffman, died August 12, 1842 in Clinton township, Wayne Co., OH. The Wayne County Ohio Burial Records, published in 1975, list a William Huffman, matching the death of my William Huffman, buried in Millbrook Cemetery, Clinton township, Wayne Co., OH. This publication is in alphabetical order.

A reading by the Wayne County Cemetery Preservation Society listed William Huffman. However, in the row by row listing, William Huffman's headstone is not listed. This suggests that the Society used a combination of reading the cemetery and the previously published records.

In trying to locate additional information regarding records on this cemetery, I have contacted the following:
  • Clinton township Trustees. They stated they have no cemetery records. 
  • Wayne Co., OH Auditor. They could only tell me the location of the cemetery.
  • Wooster-Wayne chapter of the DAR. In the 1975 publication, references to the DAR cemetery records are referenced. They do not have any additional information and I should contact the Wayne Co., library.
  • The Wayne Co., library. Only an alphabetical listing is available. 
  • Schlabach Funeral Home. The trustee suggested I contact them as they supposedly have a listing for Oak Grove Cemetery.
Barring any additional information, I maybe at a dead end. I visited the cemetery recently and took pictures and video of the cemetery. If I had to speculate, perhaps William Huffman is located near the Easons and Freemans (Row 11 and 12). They lived close to one another, based on census records.

Alternatively, he could be buried by the Metcalfs (row 6). Both Thomas and Massom Metcalf died 1840 and 1843, respectively, and lived near the Huffman family. There is some empty space on either side of the Metcalfs.