October 27, 2012

Male descendants of Oliver Huffman.

I'm totally geeked out right now.

Reading throughout the (sparse) blog, you'll find a common link. From where was William Huffman? Who are his parents? I've taken several approaches, researching all other Huffmans in Wane County, OH and Porter County, OH to try and find a connection. I have diligently looked for Oliver Huffman's children (not documented here, but rather in my ancestry.com file). Looking for Oliver Huffman's children would potentially have y DNA tested to link to a documented Huffman.

A lot of Oliver's grandchildren were female and I lost hope. However, with the release of the 1940 census, new information on his children was available to search for their children. My efforts have focused on finding descendants of these children in recent weeks.  

I. Oliver Huffman m. Margery Moore
  1. Winfield Huffman
  2. Emma J. Huffman
  3. Samuel Huffman
  4. Elmer E. Huffman
  5. Morgan A. Huffman
  6. Albert Huffman
  7. Marvin V. Huffman
  8. Florida Huffman
  9. Marion C. Huffman
Sounds like it'd be an easy job, right? 7 boys out of 9 children. There's got to be a direct male line, right?

I.1.Winfield Huffman m. Maria A. Allenbadt
  1. Inez Huffman
  2. Clarence I. Huffman m. Laddie Bush
    • I have yet to find a census with them listing any children
  3. Alta Grace Huffman
I.3. Samuel Huffman m. Louise C. Hardesty
  1. Nina Huffman
  2. Delta Ann Huffman
Two girls, so Samuel doesn't help.

I.4. Elmer E. Huffman m. Edith L. Averson Aberson
  1. Ethel Hoffman
  2. Chauncy Verl Hoffman m. Aimee Shine 1915
    • 1920 Census they have no children
    • 1930 no children
    • 1940 no chidren
  3. Ferol Hoffman
  4. Delza Hoffman
I. 5. Morgan A. Huffman b. 1863 m. Anna Laura True 
  • The couple married in 1894 in Porter Co., Indiana
  • They were living in 1900 in Porter Co., Indiana
  • By 1920, they were living in Huntington Co., Indiana
  • As far as I can tell, here are their children:
  1. Myrtle Marie Huffman
  2. James Oliver Huffman (1899-1987) m. Ethel Naomi Uhl. 
    1. Female 1
    2. Female 2
    3. Female 3
    4. Female 4
    5. Robert E. Huffman (1851-2012)
      • three sons listed in obituary. However, none have last name of Huffman. Two have one last name and other has different name. They could have maternal last name if Robert and mother weren't married.
    6. Male 1 lives in Ontario, OR
      1. Male lives in OR/ID
        1. Male lives in OR/ID
Yes! These are my direct descendants of William Huffman and Oliver Huffman. William was James' Oliver Huffman's g-grandfather. I found I. on Facebook. I hope he emails me back. Otherwise, I will do the cold calling of Male 1 (I.5.6) that lives in OR. 

I.6. Albert Huffman 
  • Thus far, I have not found anything about him within census records or Porter Co., marriage records. 
I. 7. Marvin V. Huffman m. Jessie Doak
  1. Marvin R. Huffman or perhaps Russel Marvin Huffman
    • going by Russell Huffman in 1940, 1930 and 1920 census
    • in 1940, he is 36 living at home with his parents, listed as single. 
  2. Marjorie E. Huffman
I.9. Marion Huffman m. Lillie Coneway
  1. Maylen Huffman
  2. Harry C. Huffman (1902-1951) m. Honour Huffman (1904-1991)
  • They were living in Logansport, Indiana in 1949. Harry died in 1951.
    1. Marilynn Huffman
    2. James M. Huffman b. 1939
      • Obituary of Honour lists him living in WI (Milwaukee county) in 1991
      • Looking through whitepages, he may have died in 2002. His wife maybe Judith A. Huffman and perhaps they have a child James L. Huffman??
      • I need to find James M. Huffman obituary.
      • All my hopes of getting a yDNA test seems to hinge on a bunch of men named James Huffman.