March 26, 2007

Found: George Washington Moore


Let's review what we knew:

Paper that started all this: Mr. Moore, drunk
Porter County, Indiana marriage certificate:
Louisa Morgan married George Washington Moore
Land transactions with Louisa selling land to her daughter has George Moore living in Wayne County, OH. Back to Ohio we go.

Requested all guardianship and land transactions with George Moore involved.

One guardianship paper listed daughter, Lillian Ray (age listed) filing for power of attorney over George Moore because he's a drunk. Said papers listed wife, Louisa and son, Calvin Moore, living in Indiana.

Search of Lillians born around 1860 show one Lillian living with mother Martha in 1870.

Land records show George W. Moore and wife Louisa Moore (living in Indiana) selling land to Samuel Eason (I think... I don't think Eason is selling to Moore). In it, James W. Moore is listed as having a mortgage on the property.

Plat maps show a G. Moore living next to a J.W. Moore and an Andrew Moore in Franklin Twp. in Wayne county. This area is called Morland.

Here is what I posted to
I think I've finally located the correct George Washington Moore and connected him to a family member. This is based on a land transaction that lists George Moore and his wife, Louisa Moore (selling, I believe) land to Samuel Eason. Holding a mortgage is a James W. Moore. This is not, however, concrete evidence.

On the plat maps, there is a George W. Moore living near a J. W. Moore and Andrew J. Moore in Morland. I suspect that this is my George, as he is listed as divorced in census records and it fits with what our oral history says.

J. W. Moore also owned land in Clinton Township. Also, there was a Andrew Moore as executor of the will of George's wife's father. Put this all together and I think this is the family.

Is anyone connected to these Moores of Morland in Franklin Township? Or even Moores that would have been in Clinton township? The three lands that are together are in Morland and based on the plat maps and Google maps, I believe are bordered by Moreland Road (north side) and Millersburg Road (ohio 83) goes between two of the farms. (there were Millers living there in 1897). Is there anything documented about Moreland anywhere? Or these Moores? (or Moor spelling)

Here is part of the reply:
Found in 1880 census for Clinton Twp:James Moore farmer age 66 born OH parents born PA, Elizabeth age 62 born OH parents born VA, Stella granddaughter age 19 born OH parents born OH, Maud A age 6, Washington age 42 brother born OH parents born PA.

Book "History of Wayne County, Ohio" 1878: East Union Twp John Moore was born in Westmoreland county, PA and was married in Beaver county to Hannah Bevard. They emigrated to Wayne county, in 1814-15, bringing with them their daughter Jane. They settled in East Union township on a farm which Andrew Moore, father of John, several years previously had entered.

Jane Moore married Abijah Carey 4-6-1835 East Union Twp
Andrew Moore married Agnes Caldwell 4-21-1829 Wooster
Andrew Moore married Desiah Rogers 5-11-1843 East Union Twp
Margaret Moore married James Cook 4-28-1836 East Union Twp
Susanna Moore married Enos Johnson 2-10-1848 East Union Twp
Mary Ann Moore married William Hackett 12-29-1847 East Union
Elizabeth Moore married Ebenezer Thomas 3-24-1859 East Uniom
James Moore married Elizabeth Lockhart 2-2-1836 Franklin Twp
Washington Moore married Martha White 11-25-1858


Look below for the 1860 census listing George Moore with Lilly (baby) and Martha. (way down at bottom)

March 6, 2007

Valpo Library Visit

Wood Anna V.
69 5/26/1953 5/26/1953 Hebron
Michiaels Brenda
Also 12/3-4 30 11/28/1987 11/30/1987 Valparaiso
Michiaels Gregory
Also 12/3-4 31 11/28/1987 11/30/1987 Valparaiso
Michiaels Earl E.
78 3/20/1966 3/21/1966 Valparaiso
Michiaels Nora Olive
73 6/20/1965 6/21/1965 Valparaiso
Michiaels James K.
30 1/4/2005 1/7/2005 Morocco

Union Township Plat Maps
Union Township Cemetery Book

Ohio Plat Maps

Called Wooster Public Library. Asked them to send copies of Clinton Township Plat Maps. Here's hoping....

March 4, 2007

Searching for George Washington Moore

1. Sold land to Samuel Eason in 1884 (december4). Samuel Eason and wife were living in Wayne, Wooster District 166 in 1900 US Census.

Find: Plat Maps

2. Assuming land was owned in 1880, searched for Ohio, Wayne, Franklin Township.

-all married people.
found several Moore and Morrs, but no George or Washington listed with families

-all divorced
Gave me only two people, neither with name of Moore or there of.
looked for all white people named George

George D. Moore, 20
George Moore, 25
George Moore, 11
All much too young

-G.W. last name blank
Gave me Gardiner

3. How about Clinton Township?
-G.W. Last name blank
no results

-George no last name