April 5, 2012

1940 Census: Poparads

The 1930 census showed the Popereds living in Gary, Indiana. By the 1940 census, two daughters have left and they are now living in Porter County, Indiana. This should be the spot where the farm house was built and we now know as 1137 Salt Creek Road. Emil would go on to build at 1141 Salt Creek Road. His son, William, would be the last Poparad to live in the farm house. It was torn down and stood vacant until Angella Knapp, Emil's granddaughter, would build her house with her husband Jared and they would move in in 2009. Emil's daughter Marlene lives in the house Emil built.

Ann Poparad was now Ann Toth, living with Bill Toth. They moved to what is now the "S" curve of Old Porter Road. There is a strawberry patch there now. Either way, they are listed a few pages back in the same enumeration district:

I'm still needing to find Jeanne Westberry and her husband, but I think they were living in Lake County at the time.

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