April 4, 2012

Ernest Estepp in the 1940 Census

So, back to the search for Ernest Estepp in the 1940 census. Yesterday I made it through some of the shorter EDs of Mingo County, WV. Now, time to keep searching:

ED 2:Nothing
ED 3:Nothing
4-9 from yesterday
ED 10: Runyons
ED 11: Nothing
12-13 from yesterday
15: Dewey and Tennessee Estepp, nothing else
16, 19 from yesterday

Looking back at George Estepp's death certificate in 1938, the family was living in Holden, Logan, WV. It has district 2321 up on the top. Let's go back to Logan County

ED 23-19:Nothing
ED 23-20:Nothing (from yesterday)
ED 23-21: Nothing (from yesterday)
ED 23-22:Nothing
ED 23-23:Nothing
ED 23-24:Nothing
ED 23-31:Nothing (from yesterday)
ED 23-32:Nothing

I made a map and looked at what was missing. I figured I should go through district 1 in Mingo County. It's up in the left part of the county:

1: Hitting lots of Ootens, Runyons
Edward Estep and his wife Lena, page 31 (s.o. Rhodes and Polly Runyon Estep)
John and Mollie Estepp, pg 73
Kennith and Ella Deskins? Polly Estepp is living with them. Ella is short for Lewella (1905-1976)

Holy heck. On page 78:

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