February 7, 2011

Lillian Moore Ray

Oh Lillian Moore Ray, where art thou? Your father was George Washington Moore and your mother, Martha White. You are my Calvin Moore's half-sister.

You married Franklin Ray, son of Zachariah Ray. You were married 25 September 1880, coincedently, the day I was married, just in the year 2010. Your father and step-mother were married on my birthday. But I digress.

You had three children: Beluah H. Ray, b. 1895, Hazel G. Ray, b. 1886 and Ralph F. Ray, b. 1884 all in Ohio. (These are about years). You lived in Allegany PA for a while and then in 1920, you were living in California. After that, you vanish, both you and your husband.

A potential son was found living in Chicago, IL based on the WWII registrations. But alas, you and your kin disappear.


Lori said...

Don't give up! You never know when you will find the scrap of information you need to open the door!

Gwen Knapp said...

Thanks Lori! I can't wait for 2012!

Nolichucky Roots said...

Couldn't help but notice the Caulk name among your surnames. I'd love to compare notes at some point. You can email me at nolichuckyroots at gmail dot com.